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Free samples of Arginine HGE were mailed out to people requesting it.  We forgot to include the cover letter indicating why the sample was mailed to them.  We have their address only. We hope they enjoy the free sample.

Sales tax issue: The website will display sales tax until the state is updated.  Only customers in NV are taxed.

All offers automatically calculate based on individual product order quantity.
Trial Offer = 1 bottle (25% discount)
Great Deal- 3 bottles (33% discount)
Best Deal = 6 bottles (50% discount)

If a customer mentions Health Freedom News they can receive free shipping. Just make a note and this will be credited prior shipment.

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Protect EDTA

The Set Ship option is found here, please select 2 bottles shipped every 60 days to match our most popular offer.

Protect EDTA Set Ship Auto Order

Common add on to the Protect EDTA is:

Protect Minerals

Protect EDTA Set Ship Auto Order

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