Introducing VitaE8

Dale FowkesVitaE8 is based on exciting new science surrounding the eight forms of the vitamin E molecule Mother Nature has provided us. The science on vitamin E has been increasing since its first therapeutic use in 1938. Over the last 10 years, it has become evident that taking vitamin E supplements without all eight vitamin E molecules may actually do more harm than good.

Most vitamin E supplements on the market today contain only one of the eight vitamin E molecules. The handful of supplements that do contain all eight vitamin E isomers, have a completely unnatural ratio. In other words, these vitamin E supplements are not what Mother Nature intended, nor could ever provide.

There is a natural balance between the vitamin E isomers that exist in nature and this balance is important for human health. Research documents a natural competition between the vitamin E isomers and enhanced intake of one will limit the bioavailability and functionality of the others.

This is very important information because we are just starting to discover the unique actions of the different vitamin E isomers. For instance, we now know that gamma tocopherol provides unique antioxidant protection against one of the most damaging oxidative reactions.

Unlike commonly available products, Vita E8 contains all 8 naturally occurring forms of vitamin E as found in fresh, whole foods.

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