Stay Healthy with Zinc

I recommend everyone have zinc lozenges on hand at all times. At the first sign of a potential cold, the sooner I use a Zinc Lozenge, the more likely I will be fine the next day.

Zinc is an essential mineral and antioxidant that provides support for the immune system while it provides soothing relief for the throat. Sucking on zinc lozenges provides the body with quick absorption and direct contact with the virus.

Starting to get a sore throat?  To stay healthy with zinc, be sure to have zinc lozenges on hand at all times.  The sooner you take zinc when you fell a cold coming on, the more likely you can stay healthy with zinc.

Purchase this 12 pack and you can place them around the house, in the car, at the office . . . anywhere and everywhere to assure you can get the cold before the cold gets you.

Amazon review: “These little gems are part of my arsenal against colds. They do help and they don’t cause nausea for me like some other zinc lozenges.”[/threecol_one]



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